Hello All!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged but I have so much to tell you!

We’ve been busy and as you may already know, we now have three new sizes on our site.  Introducing the 6.5” square, the 8.5” square and the 4” x 36” ruler which will really help you to trim your quilts.

We’re not stopping with just those sizes.  Check back on the site soon because we’re about to launch a much requested 8” x 24” ruler.

Also coming soon is a 1.5” x 10” ruler.  This ruler will look a little different, as it will look more like a longarm ruler and not our usual ruler.  This size was the most requested size at our recently attended MQX Festival in New Hampshire.

Last year we started to include 1/8” markings on our 6.5” x 24” ruler.  This addition was so well received, we decided to upgrade all our rulers to include 1/8” markings.

We’ve been successfully experimenting with an additional process to help discourage the ‘fraying’ on our rulers and rolled out the new treated rulers at the MQX Show.  Look for them on line by the end of the summer.

OOWHEE! Slip-Free Rulers has an exciting announcement!  We are in the beginning process  of manufacturing the  OOWHEE!  SLIP-FREE LONGARM RULERS!  I know you are as excited as we are! We will be introducing four basic shapes, all ¼” in thickness, made with you in mind!  These Longarm rulers should be available by mid-June.  Just check the site for updates on our “SHOP” page.

And, speaking of our “SHOP” page, we now have a drop down box for Clearance items.  These items are rulers that for what ever reason, didn’t make the ‘perfect’ box.  They are rulers that may not have 1/8” markings or may contain slight blemishes on the process side of the ruler.  But don’t worry; OOWHEE! Slip-Free Ruler guarantees these rulers will work as effective as their ‘perfect’ sisters!

Another update will be our demonstration video featuring ME!  Yes, you’ve met me at the shows and now your friends can put a face to the OOWHEE! Slip-Free Ruler.  We’re hoping to have this video up on the site by the first of June.

One last thought: I am often asked what makes us different from our competitors? Well, the answer is, A LOT!  First, we are 100% American made.  Our rulers are manufactured in Chicago and Michigan.  The process we use is manufactured in Georgia and we apply it in Massachusetts.  Second, We have a patent pending (one of our competitors doesn’t). Third, when you call our number, you get to talk to me, Robin Oey, Owner and Founder, not a representative getting paid to talk to you.  Fourth, if the first three points weren’t enough, we also annually support the Lymphoma Research Foundation with a percentage of our sales. So, you see, it really does matter that you know who you’re buying from!

The OOWHEE! Slip-Free Ruler company has many more plans for the future.  I will be sure to fill you all in as we grow.  Be sure to stop in at one of our many venues and say “hi”.  (check out where we’ll be on our Calendar) We’d love to meet you and take the opportunity to say “thank you” for choosing OOWHEE! Slip-Free Ruler!




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